Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Treats for Me

Unless you're not familiar with other sports card blogs or you're one of my "friends" who is currently stalking me through the "facebook", you probably know all about the extremely generous TribeCards David and his crazy giveaways. Crazy, I say, because I cringe to think about how much the man spends in postage each month. This post is, like many other blogs this month, dedicated to the annual TribeCards Trick or Treat giveaway. My package contained just two items, not counting the mildly creepy Kenny Lofton card that nearly everyone apparently got. He definitely went for quality over quantity, however, as you'll see below. Incidentally, I am now tempted to take my 25-or-so Jose DeLeon playing cards and distributing them to everyone I've ever traded with just because.

It's Stan the Man. The postal service actually heeded David's "do not bend" warning, because these puppies came to me in nice shape. But what is this, exactly? Seeing as how the backs of the oversized cards (they're actually larger than a postcard) were blank cardboard grey, my first reaction was that they must be something cut from the back of a cereal box or something similar.

And here's Gibby, too. On closer inspection, I can see that the cards are cut very well. If I had taken scissors to a package and cut something out myself, it would end up looking much like what would result if you handed some left-handed scissors (non-pointy tips, of course) to a righty third grade kid and asked him to cut something out for an art project. If you look to the lower right corners (clicking the images makes them larger, apparently) you can see that it has a copyright date and "DAVCO PUBLISHERS". I actually looked up Davco on Beckett's site on a whim and it actually turned up reliable results. These are apparently from the 1982 Davco Boxes set. I'm not sure what that means other than that these are some pretty nice legitimate collectible items which make great additions to my Cardinals collection. Thanks, David, as always!

That's it for me tonight. I'm off to create some Kenny Lofton-based public art.

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