Monday, November 2, 2009

Trading with Ryan's Memorabilia

I'm finally (nearly) caught up on posting about packages I've received in trades recently. This trade comes courtesy of Ryan's Memorabilia, which I believe makes it trade #2 with those fans out in Orioles country. I'm hoping for a big year from Ryan Ludwick. I think if he can stay healthy all year that he'll improve on what had to be a bit of a disappointing, yet still productive follow-up season to his surprise All-Star 2008.

Here's this year's Comeback Player of the Year and one of my favorites in all of baseball.

I also think this is the first Carpenter A&G card I have from this year's set, which is surprising. I think the only other one I'm missing is the SP (whose name escapes me) but I'm not positive. I do need most of the mini Cardinals, though.

This is Albert Pujols from this year's pointless UD Icons set. At least, I think that it is. It's odd, though, because it has a metallic background and the Upper Deck logo is just printed rather than gold foil. Does anyone know what this means?

I received some great parallel framed cards from the late lamented UD Masterpieces sets. Here's a black framed Stan Musial from 2008.

Followed by a green framed Ozzie Smith from 2007...

... and this great looking blue card which is serial numbered 03/50! If there was any chance of me trying to "chase a rainbow" with one card, it might have to be this one.

Thanks again to Ryan's Memorabilia for the exceptional Cards on cards.

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night owl said...

The Albert Pujols card is a pointless foil parallel.