Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Condition: Poor, Trade: Great

I'm still working my way through the backlog of trades to post about. This one is from Sean of the excellent Condition: Poor and is the first time I've dealt with him so far. The bulk of this trade was an Allen & Ginter swap. I finally got my 2009 A&G put in a proper binder the other night, so the set is looking more and more official. It's nice that Topps puts the SP cards in the back of the numbering sequence instead of what they do for a lot of sets, because it makes it much easier to satisfactorily complete more pages.

I'm actually doing pretty well on the National Pride insert set now, despite poor collation efforts. There is a pretty good chance that if I went out and bought a box or a blaster of this stuff that I'd already have every single card, though, when I'm still missing a chunk.

As nice as it was to get a healthy stack of the 2009s, it might be even more satisfying to knock off a card from the 2008 set as that set is getting dangerously close to completion. I should probably just check eBay or somewhere else online for the remaining cards as most of them are SPs.

I also received a Brian McCann card from the 2009 Heritage set. Every little bit counts!

I can't believe the Rose Bowl is only a couple of days away! I can't wait. J-Stew has had another successful year and has proven that he can carry the load (and then some) in the past couple of weeks as the featured back for the Carolina Panthers with DeAngelo Williams ailing. I may be biased (just a little) but if I was in charge of an NFL franchise, Stewart would be in my top 5 as far as running backs to go and get.

Sean also threw in the always appreciated assortment of Cardinals cards. Here's Brian Jordan on the 1994 Upper Deck design, one that I've never really enjoyed. It's a nice photo, though.

Thanks again to Condition: Poor. And... don't forget to watch the Rose Bowl on Friday!

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