Monday, December 14, 2009

Surprise Package from Noah from NY

Word down at Cardinals Central is that talks are "heating up" with Matt Holliday. I wanted to do a Cardinals post tonight but I didn't want to think about what an 8 year deal with anyone might mean for the future of this team. Luckily, I'm still catching up on trade posts. Here's some stuff from a surprise package I got from Noah over in NY. He's a Mets fan who I have traded with in the past, but this came to me out of the blue. There was tons of great stuff in the box and I'm still working on sending him a return/thank you package.

From the cards I've seen lately, it seems like Fleer tried something different every year for their gold parallel cards, and I'm not sure if any of them ever really worked.

This Edmonds 2005 Finest card has quite a bullseye look to it.

There were quite a few Ozzie Smith cards in the box that I did not own previously, including some oddball stuff like this. That's no small feat, because I have a ton of his cards, though there are some leaner years where things are pretty lacking.

No pressure. Except, you know, that whole Game 7 of the NLCS thing.

This looks like a Willie McGee rookie, but is actually a reprint found in the 2005 Rookie Cup set. I also received my second ever copy of the real thing, but now I really need to track down Fleer and Donruss McGee rookies.

There were a few more Cardinals cards from the 2006 Fleer Greats set that augmented what I already previously owned from a group break awhile back.

It's a Yadi short printed variation from a set I'm collecting! I have to check to see if this is my first copy of this. I'd like to have two total because I'm picky.

I'm liking these classics/greats/legends sets more and more by the day. I wish they could still make stuff like this and not have it be like 85% "prospects". I wonder if there was any provision for this sort of set in the new Topps contract.

Another serial numbered Classics card, this one of Jack Clark. I'm such a sucker for serial numbers, but you probably already know this.

Speaking of which, this is probably the snazziest card of the lot. Plus, I really wanted to use the word "snazziest."

Here is Mark McGwire, trapped in some sort of weird Y2K-freakout dimension.

And finally, here's this. There was a Starting Lineup 2? Were the figures twice as big? Twice as realistic? Or just twice as expensive?

Thanks again to Noah! I really appreciate it.

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