Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon Quick Trade Post

There's some sort of retail chain called Tuesday Morning that I've never completely understood. Whenever I go by it, I always do a double take and try and figure out where the inspiration came from to name it that way. I haven't bothered to look it up on the internet (and don't ask me to try) - I think I'm better off not knowing what it means. I figure that they may as well name something Tuesday Afternoon or Thursday Evening.

Today's Tuesday Afternoon comes from Ed from Roll out the Barrel. He was kind enough to send over a surprise package of Cardinals cards a couple of weeks ago including the very appreciated Chris Carpenter Turkey Red insert from this year's Updates & Highlights. Not only am I trying to collect all of the Turkey Red... well... everything, but it's also a Cardinal card and one of my favorite players in the game right now. It goes in my team binder, and I recently pulled a second copy to add to my Turkey Red set in a jumbo pack.

Wow, it's a 3D relic! Well, at least, I think that's what Upper Fleer was going for here. This is awesome, though. Thanks.

These Xponential inserts are basically the only thing that Upper Deck X has going for it. In this year's set there are 6 tiers of this stuff, but this is from 2008.

Here's my first Matt Holliday card in a Cardinals uniform. I hope this isn't the last we see of him in the Birds on the Bat, but he has a snake for an agent. Literally. He has fangs and a forked tongue.

Colby Rasmus is still going to be an exciting player, with or without Holliday in the lineup. This is a Ticket to Stardom Ticket to Stardom card. Nice!

What is a Retro Lucky 13? Actually, scratch that. What is a Lucky 13 and what does it have to do with baseball cards at all? 13 is my favorite number, and I consider it lucky, but...

Eck! Before there was Eckstein, there was Eckersley. That's who I think of when I hear "Eck!" This is one of those ultra-crazy late '90s Pacific brand cards. The little "window" with Eck's head in it is see-through plastic of some sort.

Thanks again to Ed, who is getting my stack of minor league Brewers whether he likes it or not.

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Ken said...

I love that Eck card. Shiny always draws me in.