Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Troll Trade #4

As you can see, I've completely given up on blog post titles at this point. The Collective Troll, also known as The Troll or simply, Troll (maybe Marck if you are nice enough to him) e-mailed me to let me know that he had sent out a package for me and I realized that I hadn't even gotten around to posting about the last great package I received from him. He knocked a bunch of cards off of my various wantlists and I thought I'd show a few of them here.

As blasé as I feel about Topps Town, it's nice to get one of the gold versions because I know those are a bit harder to come by. I think they're an improvement over last year's Topps Town cards, but I hate that they actually count as a card in a pack. I wonder if that game/site/whatever it is has been a success and if it's coming back next year. I guess I wouldn't mind them so much if they didn't look so underwhelming.

This one's a biggie - an Adam Wainwright SP that I need for both my team collection and the 2007 Heritage set that I've recently started collecting. I have a want list up on the sidebar for it now, but if you're thinking of sending stuff to me you'll probably want to hold off for a few days until I can sort through what I have coming from the Troll as I have a feeling that's what the next package is bringing.

There was also a handful of 2008 Heritage cards that I needed, including this much-needed Kevin Slowey short print. Slowey is also short-printed in the 2009 set. I wonder what he did to deserve that kind of treatment. Call it the Pat Neshek treatment, if you will. Speaking of Neshek and Slowey, are there any Twins collectors out there? I would love to trade with you.

There was a much bigger stack of 2009 Allen & Ginter. I'm starting to feel like a slacker with this set, because I stopped buying blasters after a certain point and have just been heavily relying on others to do my work for me. I would have picked up a blaster last time I was at the store if they had any, but I ended up getting a Heritage High Series blaster instead.

But wait... there's more! Brian Roberts seems to be popular with the bloggers these days, even the ones who aren't necessarily Orioles fans. That includes Mr. Troll, but he must have had extras of this card.

Finally, here's some Cardinals Topps coins. I loved these things as I've mentioned before, but I don't know what happened to my own collection. I used to keep them (along with my cards) in a fairly damp unfinished basement, so I think they may have rusted to the point of being unattractive at some point anyway. This now makes 4 Topps coins and 2 buttons that I've received from bloggers. Keep 'em coming. I love the oddball stuff!

Thanks again to the Troll. If you haven't already, please check out his epic mid-'90s box breaks. He's going pack by pack and apparently not sleeping until they're all posted. The Cardinals are not doing so well thus far, but I'm sure things will pick up for Lankford, Gilkey, Jordan & co. eventually.

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  1. Any package from the Troll is good. I've got one coming to you after the holiday rush at the post office subsides. It has the cards you wanted from my pack breaks plus a couple of extras.


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