Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Free (minor league) Cards Redux

Almost exactly one year ago I divided up an 800 ct. box of minor league cards into little piles, sorted by their team affiliates, and proceeded to attempt to give them away to my readers. I was somewhat successful, but one year later I am still stuck with 14 teams' worth of minor league cards taking up vital space in my dwelling. I've decided to give another go of it and post the list of remaining teams that are up for grabs. These cards are primarily from the early 90s and late 80s era of overproduction and most of these guys, like Mr. Ogliaruso, are also-rans and never-wases. There are a few future Hall of Famers still left unclaimed, however.

Here are the unclaimed teams that are still up for grabs:
  • Angels
  • Astros
  • A's - Hackenbush
  • Blue Jays - Bo
  • Brewers - taken
  • Cardinals* - Adam from MO
  • Expos - Hackenbush
  • Giants - SueFitz
  • Mariners - TheJaw
  • Mets - Sean / Condition Poor
  • Orioles - Night Owl
  • Padres - Rod / Padrographs
  • Pirates
  • Rangers - Play at the Plate
  • Royals - JustinB521
  • Super Bonus Mystery Pile**
Here's what you have to do:

Well, not much really. Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail. You don't need to send me anything in return, although if you've read this far you probably have a good indication of what I collect and I am not one to turn down anything in a certain shade of manila envelope. If I currently have a trade going with you or if you're someone I've traded with in the past, e-mail me as soon as possible if you want in. I know that not everyone is as hardcore of a team collector as I can be at times and may not be interested in a card from 1991 of some guy that never passed high A ball. Also, if you are one of those blogging types and happen to know others that might be interested in ridding me of my excess cardboard problem, feel free to post about it, write your friends, spray paint my web address on a back alley wall... whatever you're feeling.

*If anyone is truly interested in the Cardinals, I'll dig through my thousands of Cardinals doubles and find some minor league stuff for you. I may augment your stack of cards with actual major league cards depending on how many minor league doubles I manage to dig up.

**If you claim the "Super Bonus Mystery Pile", all you're getting is some checklists, a few cards of players that appeared to be signed to independent teams with no major league affiliates, a stray card or two from teams that didn't exist in 1991 and some other leftovers. You've been warned.


SueFitz said...

I'd be interested in Giants or the Super Mystery pile.

thanks so much

suefitz (at) yahoo (dot) com

Play at the Plate said...

Rangers my friend...Rangers.

Rod said...

I would like the Padres

night owl said...

I'll take the Orioles off your hands.

Paul said...

I could take the Mets off your hands.

Bo said...

Can I get the Blue Jays?



madding said...

I've updated the list.

Paul, someone beat you to the Mets, unfortunately, but you're welcome to take another team if you're interested.

SueFitz, I put you down for the Giants. You probably don't want the Super Mystery Pile, but I'll send it to you as well if it goes unclaimed. (Consider that a threat.)

Hackenbush said...

I would be interested in the Expo's or A's. Thanks.

TheJaw said...

I would like the Mariners cards if they are available.

JustinB521 said...

I will take the Brewers or Royals if available.


madding said...

Justin, I'll send you the Royals if you e-mail me your address. I already got rid of the Brewers.