Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Giant Box of Cardinals from Reader Rob

I received not one but two long boxes of baseball cards from reader Rob from FL. Normally, I try to post these things in order of receiving them, but when you send me a large box (let alone two) of cards, you tend to get bumped up the list. Also, it's sorting season around Cards on Cards HQ, so getting these things sorted as quickly as possible was another reason to get this post done. In addition to a giant box of Cardinals, I also received a box containing a ton of 1985 Fleer. I'll save that box for another post and just show off a handful of the Cardinals bounty.

1997 Fleer has me absolutely baffled. The cards were printed on something as flimsy as 1981 Donruss, only with a rough, almost newspaper feel to it. I have a feeling that some of the great Big D custom cards I've seen floating about other blogs put these to shame, and supposedly someone was actually getting paid to manufacture 1997 Fleer cards. This goes straight into my Ozzie binder, however.

This is the very last 2006 Topps card of any series that I needed to complete the base team set. Belly was a key addition to the championship run.

O-Pee-Chee gets lots of love from the blogs these days (check this excellent place out for proof) but I've always been a fan of Leaf's Canadian answer to Donruss as well. As far as I can recall, there were only Leaf sets using the Donruss design from 1985 through 1988 (maybe 1989, but I've never seen it) but I definitely need more in my collection.

Speaking of Donruss, apparently they put out a set called Donruss Originals in 2002 that contained current players in their various '80s designs.

The classic Rated Rookie logo (used from 1985 through 1993?) is by far the best.

Long before the so-called Cards Your Mom Threw Out, Fleer was king of the insert cards. Mid-'80s Fleer inserts were a tough pull for a kid with little to no money, so it was always extra special to get a Fleer All-Star Team card. If I ever finish my 1985 Fleer set (again, more on that later) I may have to go for a 1986 Fleer master set.

Rob sent over a handful of non-Cardinals Darryl Kile needs including this 1992 Upper Deck gem.

This Dave LaPoint card knocked off another want from my 1984 Topps list. I hope to get 1985 cards added to my list soon.

Aw, why so glum, Juan?

I prefer 1983 Donruss over 1982 as far as the baseball bat sets go. The addition of the glove is a nice touch. This is a nice card of the Hall of Fame reliever in all his bearded glory.

Rob sent over a ton of oddball '80s cards. I have quite a few of those in my Cardinals collection already, but this is my first ever Boardwalk and Baseball card. I remember these sort of being the "high end" of oddball cards, but I'm not really certain why. I just never saw these or knew anyone who had them, and I think a card like Jack Clark might have commanded, say, 75 cents instead of 25 cents back in the day.

More Ozzie goodness. I miss Kay-Bee Toys. I'm not sure if there are any left in the Portland area anymore.

Here's Keith Hernandez in the stripey high socks. Doesn't this card look like it's missing something?

There's a lot going on in this 2002 Upper Deck card, but all you need to know is that it's Albert Pujols.

It's weird thinking of Tom Pagnozzi as a candidate for a glossy Fleer Ultra insert card, but here it is in full color.

Thanks again to Rob, who should hopefully receive his package soon if I can manage to make it over to the post office.

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