Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trading with Clear Cut Cards

Oh the trades, they just keep on comin'. This one is from the man known around these parts as TheBrooklynMet. He runs an outfit called Clear Cut Cards and is interested in, well, you guessed it... the Mets! He also took second place in the contest, which reminded me that I was long overdue in getting this thing posted. Let's check it out.

I received a healthy stack of Cardinals cards including this 2003 Garrett Stephenson. I don't have many Stephenson cards (maybe one or two others?) He is a frequent topic of discussion in 3 Nights in August (go read it, even if you hate the Cardinals... how could you??) as an example of a pitcher who was pressed into starting duty more or less because every team seems to need 5 starters these days.

I also received a couple of Darryl Kile cards for the collection including this interesting vertically positioned 1995 Select card. Score should have just stuck with Select as its flagship brand.

Also in the package were a handful of 2005 Topps Heritage cards. I am really enjoying my slow but steady accumulation of Heritage cards from the earlier sets from others that I've traded with. It takes a lot of the pressure off of me trying to track down packs and boxes of this stuff which can get rather expensive since these sets seem to more or less retain their value unlike a lot of other stuff. I have no idea who Brian Stavisky is, but what is going on with his cap? That logo is terrible. I really hope that's not some sort of mutant Oakland cap. Does anyone know?

One more down and about 145 left to go in the 2010 Turkey Red collection. I am really glad Topps revived this line last year even though they did it in a fairly expensive and difficult way.

Finally, here's a great looking Matt Holliday jersey card with a perfect looking Rockies purple pinstripe. And with this card, my Holliday collection officially begins in earnest.

Thanks again to TheBrooklynMet!


TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, you are welcome. I think that A's hat was an early batting practice cap before they started using the new fabric, but I am not 100% sure.

Erin said...

I'm the one with the Holliday collection. Not you.