Monday, April 26, 2010

A Message to You, Rudy

Apparently I have special powers. Before Game 4 of the Blazers/Suns playoff series, I put out a desperate call for help from Brandon Roy. Lo and behold, the man returns to action just eight days after knee surgery and provide an emotional lift, hits clutch shots, walks on water, etc.

TJ from All Your Base Cards Belong To Us remarked that I should put something up about Oden coming back. I'm not going to push my luck here. I would, however, like to see something positive from one Rudy Fernandez. While many point to the 2008 Summer Olympics and Rudy's performance and wonder why he can't play like that with the Blazers, I'll be a bit more realistic. Just do something positive, Rudy. Knock down a couple of shots. Make some of your head-turning passes. Roy is back, so the pressure should be off of you. Just play loose and have fun.

Go Blazers! The series is tied up and Game 5 is tonight on TNT at 7:30 PDT.


TJ said...

It's on tonight! Rudy's showed some signs of life the last few games, but he basically played himself out of a starting job the past couple of weeks. Now is the time to show what you got.

G_Moses said...

I would be ok if we could just find a way to keep the second unit competitive. Rudy needs to be a man tonight. Webster needs to be confident and Howard needs to get nasty and put some bruises on some suckers.

I really hope this isn't a repeat of Game 3