Sunday, April 11, 2010

Night Owl Trade #13

It's been a day of sports highs and lows at Cards on Cards central. The Blazers beat the Lakers (always nice!) this afternoon, but Brandon Roy went down with a knee injury and is scheduled for an MRI (ouch.) Right now, I am currently watching the Cardinals struggle against the Brewers on Sunday Night Baseball. Pujols has homered, but it looks like there's something wrong with Carpenter as he has suddenly turned into an extreme fly ball pitcher - the kind of fly balls that frequently fly out of the field of play.

Meanwhile, here's a post about some cards that I received from Night Owl Cards. I am not sure how many packages I've received from the man, so I just made a number up for my post title.

I received a number of cards from the 2010 Topps set. Matt Holliday has played well in his first week after signing the big contract. The fear with big contract players is that they will relax somehow and no longer be as motivated immediately after a big deal is struck, but I wasn't too concerned about that happening with Holliday. Meanwhile, I'm down to only needing one card from the 2010 base set.

Did John Smoltz finish his career as a Cardinal? That seems pretty strange to me. Many are speculating that he's waiting around for a mid-to-late season deal because cranky old men don't care much for spring training or the colder months of the season.

Scott Rolen should be in the Hall of Fame for his defense alone. I doubt it will happen, however, because the people who vote for things in baseball by and large are not very bright about those things.

Colby Rasmus is off to a terrific start to the year. The biggest difference has been the number of walks he's taken. He already has 8 in the first week, compared to just 36 all of last season. In fact, in the month of June he didn't draw a single walk! Rookies... sheesh.

Night Owl sent over a much appreciated handful of what I'll generally refer to as older cards. This 1978 Al Hrabosky card is in much better shape than either of the Hrabosky cards I previously owned, even if it looks horribly off-center thanks to the whims of my scanner.

Here is the crown jewel of the lot (sorry, Al, but you blather on a bit too much on Cardinals broadcasts.) It's shiny, it's rainbowy, it's serial-numbered and it's blue! This is just perfect. I need some sort of magic wand that turns everything it touches into blue refractors.

I picked up a few much-needed wants from the 2010 Turkey Red insert set. I also picked up several at a card show yesterday including a second Matt Holliday for my Cardinals collection. Actually, the Cardinals collection always comes first before putting a set together, because I have my priorities in order.

Night Owl also sent over a healthy stack of 2009 Topps Heritage High Series cards. I thought it was only fair to scan a Dodgers card in this case, even though Thome was only a Dodger for 17 at-bats. I'm fairly amused that they list his position here as "first base", a position he hasn't played since 2007 and has only made 4 starts at since 2005.

Finally, here's Ed Hodge. Why? It's a warning sign, folks. The 1985 Fleer megapost is coming soon... I swear.


night owl said...

'85 Fleer megapost?

Where's my popcorn?

(I don't think it's trade #13. Maybe trade #7 or 8 or 9 ... or something).

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

That last base card you need doesn't happen to be Josh Bard, does it? Because I've managed to pull three of them in my first 96 cards.