Monday, April 12, 2010

Super Estrellas - Numero Uno

Say what you may about the good people at Cards One, whose slogan is "Renewing the Trading Card Industry", but I actually can appreciate a company who can auction off a crazy oddball box from less than 10 years ago and only get about $4 of my money (plus shipping.) They actually have some reasonable prices for some of the junk that they're peddling, so you might want to check them out. (Once again, you may want to avoid the repack stuff.)

Here are the contents of the first 8 packs of a box of 2002 Donruss Super Estrellas. I had originally intended to only break up this box into two posts, but this post got image-heavy very quickly.

Pack 1:

12 - Tom Glavine (The base cards have a pretty simple design that, at least with the blue bordered cards, is pretty reminiscent of 1986 Donruss only with the modern bells and whistles like UV coating.)
50 - Jose Vidro

82 - Edgar Martinez
18 - Sammy Sosa
97 - Rafael Palmeiro

PL-3 - Randy Johnson Precision de Lanzamiento (Each pack seems to contain two inserts in addition to five base cards. There are several different inserts card sets to choose from, all of which have a dark metallic finish that makes everything look very dark when scanned.)

- Vladimir Guerrero Poster (The other insert in each pack is a poster that is folded into quarters and is printed on something you might find as an insert in a magazine rather than card stock.)

Pack 2:
1 - Darin Erstad

64 - Eric Chavez (Here's an example of the back of the base cards. These are fairly standard looking, with no player photo and a paragraph of text in Spanish.)
32 - Mike Hampton
16 - Trot Nixon
52 - Mike Piazza

PL-5 - Curt Schilling Precision de Lanzamiento (Schilling can't stop talking, so I'm guessing he'll fit in perfect with ESPN's baseball crew.)

- Ken Griffey Jr. Poster

Pack 3:
61 - Orlando Hernandez
17 - Fred McGriff (I always liked McGriff, but seeing him on the Cubs made me like him a lot less.)
99 - Raul Mondesi
98 - Carlos Delgado

119 - Mark Prior Novato (According to Beckett, each card numbered over 100 is a short printed card which fall at 1:4 packs. Novato means Rookie, of course.)

- Bernie Williams Nación de Origen (Here's an example of one of the other inserts. I couldn't find a number on these cards or the posters.)

- Jason Giambi Poster (The backs of the posters either have a complete checklist for the set or a sheet explaining what this set is all about, like this one.)

Pack 4:
11 - Javy Lopez
79 - Tsuyoshi Shinjo
85 - Kazuhiro Sasaki
29 - Jim Thome

87 - Albert Pujols (Here's a good looking early card of the guy who does not want to be known as El Hombre, with good reason.)

- Edgar Renteria Nación de Origen (Back to back Cardinals!)

- Alex Rodriguez Poster (Here's the checklist version of the back of the poster.)

Pack 5:
48 - Brad Radke
35 - Charles Johnson (I have a ton of Marlins cards and no one to trade them with.)
13 - Manny Ramirez
100 - Shannon Stewart
8 - Andruw Jones

ES3 - Vladimir Guerrero Estrellas (Here's yet another insert example.)
- Carlos Delgado Poster

Pack 6:

84 - Ichiro Suzuki (Here's my requisite Ichiro card.)
23 - Adam Dunn
66 - Mark Mulder (There's nothing to do but sigh when you hear his name.)
27 - Sean Casey
53 - Roberto Alomar

ES2 - Ivan Rodriguez Estrellas
- Manny Ramirez Poster

Pack 7:
22 - Magglio Ordonez

39 - Carlos Beltran
65 - Jermaine Dye
27 - Sean Casey
87 - Albert Pujols (A couple of doubles here already, but I don't mind the Pujols double so much.)
PL-4 - Roger Clemens Precision de Lanzamiento
- Juan Gonzalez Poster

Pack 8:
36 - Craig Biggio
2 - Tim Salmon
5 - Luis Gonzalez
6 - Mark Grace
81 - Bret Boone

PL-1 - Pedro Martinez Precision de Lanzamiento (Supposedly there's only 5 cards in the Precision de Lanzamiento set and I've already pulled 4 of them.)

- Cal Ripken Jr. Poster

All of this stuff is up for grabs aside from the Cardinals stuff and anything I may have mentally promised to someone I trade with. I'll aim for getting the next post about this stuff up in the next few days if not sooner.


TJ said...

El awesome! Guy, help me out here.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Those are pretty interesting looking cards. If you end up with doubles that you are interested in trading let me know.

TSHenson said...

Is there anyway I can get my hands on the Cal Ripken Jr poster? I have a huge collection of his cards and that would go great in there. Thanks!


I bought some of these a few years ago.They do go pretty cheap and didn't seem to be too popular.I still have a bunch of unopened packs.I have a lot of duplicates also.They made them for two years.

madding said...

TheBrooklynMet: pretty much anything non-Cardinals is up for grabs - are you looking for just Mets or any others?

Timothy: I went ahead and set aside the Ripken poster.

flywheels said...

I'm interested in any of the Braves cards if no one else has claimed them...