Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cards on Cards Independence Day Topps Chrome Freedom Blasters U.S.A. Blowout!

Well, I guess that I did not learn my lesson. Even after last week's experience with a 2010 Topps Chrome blaster that was riddled with defects, I decided to buy three more! They were $11.98 each! Over the next couple of days, I will post the results of each box. Here's the first one. Hooray for freedom! Exclamation points!!!!!

Pack 1:
130 - Daisuke Matsuzaka (Boston spent an incredible amount of money on one remarkable season and several terrible ones. I can only imagine how that would have crippled a franchise with less resources.)

219 - Drew Stubbs Refractor
192 - Chris Heisey (Too many Reds. Not enough Cardinals.)
201 - Ruben Tejada

Pack 2:
103 - Jose Lopez

81 - Javier Vazquez X-Fractor (The Yankees have had quite the rotating cast in their starting five in recent years.)
116 - Jimmy Rollins
39 - Vladimir Guerrero

Pack 3:
18 - Zack Greinke (I was really hoping Greinke wouldn't be his usual self after Milwaukee got him.)
11 - Zach Duke
52 - Miguel Tejada
76 - Edwin Jackson (All base cards.)

Pack 4:
115 - Torii Hunter (It's been a weird season. Even Torii Hunter is struggling.)

10 - Adam Jones X-Fractor
88 - Scott Kazmir
100 - Russell Martin (Yes, someone with a .223 BA was actually selected for the All-Star Game as a reserve. He was almost voted in by the fans!)

Pack 5:
98 - Francisco Liriano

20 - Manny Ramirez Refractor (I think it would be hilarious to own a Manny Ramirez Rays jersey.)
202 - Drew Butera
208 - Kanekoa Texeira

Pack 6:
4 - Bobby Abreu

C147 - David Price Heritage 1102/1961 (Price was ejected from the game Friday against the Cardinals from the bench. He wasn't even the starting pitcher. I find this extremely hilarious and it turns out it isn't even the first time it's happened. Could it be that he's just a jerk who likes to yell at people?)
215 - Kila Ka'Aihue
196 - Kevin Russo
- Checklist 2 of 2

Pack 7:
9 - Shane Victorino

211 - Sergio Santos Refractor
181 - Tyler Colvin (There have been some shockingly low batting averages this season - Chone Figgins comes to mind. There might not be anything worse than Colvin's .105 that eventually got him a one-way ticket to Iowa.)
128 - David Ortiz (It's hard to hate David Ortiz, even though he plays for Boston and even though he probably took steroids. Why is that?)

Pack 8:
20 - Manny Ramirez (Him again.)

97 - Luke Hochevar X-Fractor
105 - Mike Pelfrey
83 - Orlando Hudson

Pack 9?
211 - Sergio Santos (Yes, there was a mysterious 9th pack in the box. Usually, when you get an extra card in a pack, you end up paying for it by being shorted in the next pack...)

190 - Mike Stanton Refractor (No All-Star selection for Stanton, who is on pace to top 30 HRs in just his second season. He could stand to cut down on the strikeouts, though.)
3 - Clayton Kershaw (Kershaw is a first time All-Star, but probably not Sandy Koufax despite what this guy might try to tell you.)
10 - Adam Jones

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night owl said...

Yes, but compared to the other 2 dynamic duo cards in the post, it's the most rational card ever made.

I don't mind too much when Topps extrapolates like that (Kershaw-Koufax makes more sense than the Chapman-Seaver card from last series). It's kind of fun and speaks to the hope of the fan.

Now making Russell Martin an all-star, that's just nuts.