Sunday, July 10, 2011

Previewing the Past

Way back in the past during the time when Y2K reigned supreme, Upper Deck decided to put out the latest version of their Collector's Choice line, which by this point they were calling UD Choice. They also decided to release a preview of it in pack form for some reason. Who knows why anyone does anything? All I know is that I got some dust-covered packs from a guy at a card show who seemed to be big on the flea market scene. Flea markets might appeal to me, except that whenever I've been to one I've always felt like people that sell at those things have an even worse demeanor on average than your regular card show dude. It's too bad.

Pack 1:

90 - Jeff Bagwell (I can't imagine any team with Bagwell would be as bad as the Astros have been this year.)

126 - Bobby Abreu (Still active!)

104 - Mark Loretta (Milwaukee's unis were pretty hideous back then.)

148 - Quinton McCracken

72 - Frank Thomas (Nice shot.)

152 - Juan Gonzalez

Pack 2:

58 - Cal Ripken Jr. (It's weird to see 3B as Ripken's position.)
74 - Pete Harnisch
138 - Bill Mueller

66 - Kerry Wood (This would have probably made decent trade bait back in '99.)
48 - Chuck Finley

112 - Brian McRae

Pack 3:
76 - Manny Ramirez

98 - Gary Sheffield (Who won the Piazza/Sheffield trade?)
62 - Nomar Garciaparra

143 - Alex Rodriguez (This is from back in the day, when people didn't universally hate A-Rod.)
90 - Jeff Bagwell (There's only 55 cards in the set, so there was bound to be some duplicates.)

56 - Greg Maddux (Chicks dig the long ball.)

Pack 4:

146 - Rolando Arrojo (I had never heard of this guy, but apparently he was a Cuban defector who became Tampa Bay's first All-Star before he flamed out spectacularly after his first season.)
74 - Pete Harnisch

58 - Cal Ripken Jr. (There's a big goofy blank space on the back of each card that I'm sure was reserved for something.)
138 - Bill Mueller
66 - Kerry Wood
48 - Chuck Finley

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Trey J. said...

I love that commercial. Especially the glasses Maddux was sporting, brings me back to the days.