Saturday, July 9, 2011

Smed's Non-Junk

Is anyone else getting mail on Saturdays? I can't remember the last time I got something in my mailbox on a Saturday. I seem to get mail almost every other day. I know the Postal Service was talking about dropping one of their delivery days, but I never heard anything officially decided about it.

On an unrelated note, here's a bunch of the cards I received in Smed's Spring Cleaning dealie. I had separated these into a stack of stuff that was either newer or a set I knew I had a want list for. It was really difficult to pick just five cards for this post, so I went with ten... which also proved to be rather difficult. There are some great cards in this bunch!

This ESPN set was my first reintroduction to baseball cards back in 2005. I think the only inserts I ever pulled were Eric Chavez cards. I think I have a lot of Eric Chavez cards.

Mini Ozzie! I love it.

Here's a borderless Kimball Champions Carp card. Carp is on the hill as I write this for the Cards, a victim already of another terrible defensive gaffe. I still haven't decided if I'm collecting this set or not. The card isn't actually borderless, by the way, but my scanner thinks that it is.

Here's a Yadi rookie Cracker Jack sticker. That's a lot of things!

I received not one but two Matt Holliday serial numbered blue border Opening Day parallels. I've had a hard time laying off the $2.99 Opening Day jumbo packs, especially since a drug store just down the street sells these.

This is no ordinary Yadi 2011 Topps card. Check the logo! I really need more of these Target throwbacks. I just wish there was another way to get them.

Refractors are always welcome at Cards on Cards.

Chipper Jones is lousing up this perfectly good OPC card.

I had no idea Trading Card Day was going on back in 2004. Did we even have one this year? Or last year? I guess there's Topps and only Topps now, so it may as well be National Topps Day.


night owl said...

I got mail today, including a card package.

I'm convinced around here that they cut back on delivering the mail on random Wednesdays. Every few Wednesdays or so I have nothing in the mailbox, and it's very suspicious because a few times I've known for a fact that people mailed me something that would logically arrive on Wednesday.

God, I sound like an old man.

FanOfReds said...

I got a single magazine in the mailbox today...and I too usually get at least one card package (plus bills) each day of the week!