Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smed's Junk

I'm a bit behind on trade posts, mostly because I haven't been posting about trades all that often lately. It's funny how that works, isn't it? This post is actually just another part in a series about the huge lot of Spring Cleaning cards I received from Smed's Baseball Card Blog. When I went through the package, I pulled one particular card out and then separated the rest into three distinct piles. I posted about the first pile, which was nothing but 2011 Topps Heritage, clear back at the end of May because I was putting together my want list at the time. (Have these cards really been on my table that long? The answer, clearly, is yes.) The rest of the cards were further separated into stacks of sets that I have documented somewhere what my needs are and ones that are mostly junk wax era sets that I probably have everything several times over already - or just know for sure that I don't have a want list put together for it.

A few of the cards stood out, and I thought I'd write about them today. It's probably more exciting to me at this point when I find something like this 1991 Bowman Donovan Osborne that I clearly do not recognize, yet probably should have 5 copies of. This would make me rush to the want list if I actually had one for this particular set. As it is, Donovan will have to wait until I pull out the binders and duplicate boxes to see where he belongs.

I just sent out some Ozzie Smith cards recently as part of a contest fulfillment (don't ever enter one of my contests because you'll probably never get your prize) and was surprised at how few Ozzie oddball dupes that I own. A couple of years back I bought a massive Cardinals oddball lot from eBay and I've actually been working on my Ozzie Smith collection privately more or less since 1991, aside from that decade or so where I didn't care about silly things like baseball cards. Now that Zistle has finally added a feature I've been waiting for since the first day I found out about the site, I am going to finally catalog all of my player collections and may actually reap the benefits of having potential trading partners know what the heck they should send me for once.

Night Owl Cards let out a dirty little secret recently that he maybe, just possibly, might have a soft spot for 1989 Score. I was never a fan of the set or the design back in the day, but in looking back at the gobs of money I threw down on Score simply because it was always cheap, I think this set design stands up better than any of their early ones - the first four at least.

I actually probably have about twenty copies of this card already, thanks to the aforementioned oddball lot, but this is my first 1992 Topps Kids Jose DeLeon with a nice coating of excess wax on the back. Nice!

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