Monday, July 11, 2011

Talkin' Junk

I'm still in catch-up mode on the trade posts right now. Aren't we all? I have a few stacks of cards ready to go out as soon as I find some usable padded envelopes as well, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to keep this whole trading game going.

Along those lines, I recently exchanged packages with the The Junk Blog. The Henchmeister, who might just still be drunk over the Boston Bruins capture of the Stanley Cup, sent me some Topps Heritage set needs along with a few Cardinals for good measure.

Hey, it's just an ordinary every day garden variety Grady Sizemore card. Sizemore is a three-time All-Star, but has been absolutely brutal in the worst way since his last All-Star appearance, although injuries have contributed quite a bit to that.

Ahh... here we go. Jackpot! It's a dice game variation, making it just my second if I am thinking clearly. While this isn't as rare as some of the crazy variations that I was lucky enough to get from the 2009 Heritage set, this is still very cool and not something that I tend to see every day.

About half of the package turned out to be 2011 Heritage cards, but this was my first Rookie Parade short print. Floating heads are all over this set and I'm not one to stand in their way. I don't think I know who any of these guys are except for Hughes, possibly, but that doesn't make this card any less fantastic.

And now it's on to the Cardinals portion of the package, represented here by Jim Edmonds being Serious. Henchmeister must have been checking out my Zistle Jim Edmonds collection because this wasn't on the list. You've been checking it out, too, haven't you?

No Albert Pujols in the All-Star Game? Are you kidding? This pretty much sums up what's going to happen to the rest of the league in the proverbial second half. As in, you are dead... death by Pujols.

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