Monday, April 16, 2012

Animals and Benes Bros.

St. Louis is sitting comfortably in first place after just 10 games this season with a 7-3 record. Considering that quite a few of their big pieces are dealing with or likely will deal with injuries, I consider this a big plus. I am not going to read too far into it and go out and extrapolate that record after 10 games into something like a 112-50 season, especially considering that the other NL division leaders at this point are the Nats and the Dodgers. I can't see either one of those teams in the postseason. I am, however, pleased with what has happened so far and I do expect the Cards to continue to do well.

Apropos of nothing, here are some pictures of animals (and a couple of Redbirds of the past) courtesy of Jason at Hobbs' Knights.

I may not live in Madagascar where the lemurs apparently grow on (or are at least raised in) trees, but I do know that my humble city of Portland could use a few more lemurs. Or a lot of them. Like this guy.

I'm not sure that reptiles lie in the direct path of human evolution, but they're pretty great nonetheless. It would be cool to have scales, though.

Hmm... do you think Pinnacle is trying to tell me something here? What do I do with this card?

Here's Benes the Elder. This is just a frightening mess of '90s awesomeness/horribility.

Thanks again to Hobbs' Knights for the assorted Cardinals cards and Allen & Ginter set needs. Trades should start perking up around here again soon. Perhaps I should do some sort of spring cleaning type of thing, since it's actually spring now.


  1. Dodgers all the way, dude!

    If the Cards could win the World Series last year, Dodgers certainly can get to the playoffs.

  2. As a Cubs fan, I say you're welcome.

  3. I loved Andy when he was on the Padres, I forgot that he joined Alan on the Cards. I think that's the first picture of a lemur that I've seen that wasn't a cartoon on Nickelodeon.


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