Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun on a Bun

Another day, another group break! This one was put on by Cardboard Collections and featured the 1998 Upper Deck Retro set and the 2001 Fleer Futures set. I wasn't familiar with the former, but I think I had some cards from the latter set in my collection already.

Speaking of Cardboard Collections, they've got a massive Stadium Club group break going on for August. It's cheap, too, and there are something like half the teams still left. Check it out.

I hadn't seen these black parallels in person before, unlike their base counterparts, and they're a lot more impressive in person. They're a bit reminiscent of the Topps black parallels you can find in hobby packs, but even more sparkly.

Here's a really nice Edmonds insert to add to my collection. It looks like garbage in the scanner, unfortunately.

On to the Retro set, I decided that actual retro players trumped then-current players here and went with Gibby. Good ol' Gibby.

I was randomly assigned the Tigers in this break. Any Tigers fans out there? I am building up an army of Tigers cards and still need to find a home for them.

This is one of the subsets of the Retro set, featuring prospects of the future in a newspaper print style of the past. Futurama? Futurama!

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