Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Morning Ginter

I picked up one of those Value Packs that are all the rage with the kids these days. Little Timmy and Little Suzie are always lined up at the big box stores with these plastic impulse buys in their grubby little mitts, just waiting to get a glimpse of Bobby Ballplayer.

I'm actually working on this set, but I've been hesitant to put up a want list yet. I really don't want to slow the momentum on some of the earlier sets, so 2012 stuff has been less important to me. However, I know that there will never be a time where this stuff is more plentiful and discussed, so it will probably come back to bite me.

Retail Gold Mini Pack:

280 - Brandon Belt (Yes, I went straight to the minis. Scanned, these just look like a slightly more pale version of the black border variations. Brandon Belt hasn't quite put it together, has he?)
271 - Mark Reynolds (Reynolds will probably strike out twice before I finish typing this sentence.)
177 - Stephen Drew (I was hoping the Cardinals would pick up Drew before the non-waiver trade deadline expired yesterday, but they did not.)

Pack 1:
86 - Nyjer Morgan (The less said, the better.)
253 - Jorge De La Rosa
42 - Justin Upton
293 - Cliff Lee (Just the mere discussion that was going on recently, suggesting that Cliff Lee could be traded, means there are scary things on the horizon if you're the Phillies and you're in charge of writing the checks.)

62 - Michael Cuddyer Black Mini

348 - Chase Headley (Headley was the subject of many a trade rumor, but he's still a San Diego Padre.)

Pack 2:
81 - Jerry Bailey
106 - Bud Norris (This one must have gotten stuck in a machine somewhere, because it's got some indentations on it.)
59 - Johnny Damon (I didn't know Damon played for Cleveland. Does he still?)

WTB10 - MetLife Building World's Tallest Buildings (How many of these cards are just ads for large corporations?)

230 - Evan Longoria A&G Mini

WIN83 - Mark Teixeira What's in a Name?

Pack 3:

134 - David Freese (A Cardinal! A welcome sight.)
23 - Yogi Berra
10 - Dustin Pedroia

BH-12 - Justin Verlander Baseball Highlight Sketches (I take back every decent thing I tried to say about this year's sketch cards.)
271 - Mark Reynolds A&G Mini

WIN56 - Aroldis Chapman What's in a Name? (What a mouthful!)

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  1. If available, I'd be up for trading for the Reynolds Gold Mini, Justin Upton Base, Cuddyer Black Mini, Verlander Sketch, Reynolds A&G Mini. How on earth do you buy one value pack and get 5 cards I want. That never happens to me.

    I can hook you up with some A&G in return.


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