Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Huge Trade (That I Still Need to Complete)

Lonestarr from Life and Baseball Cards sent me another huge trade package this summer and, lo and behold, I'm behind on my end of the trade once again. This should be fixed by Friday. Honestly, I don't know why people bother to trade with me sometimes. (If you haven't already, please check out the Garage Sale post below and let me know if anything strikes your fancy.)

I received a bunch of Cardinals, but those cards only represented about 2/3 of the package. I received a bunch of Blazers cards which I will post separately when I have something to say about the basketball team. I'll have to do that soon, however, or I will forget.

I have several of the "cognac" diamond cards of the retired legends, but of course I don't have the (I assume) much more rare base card variation counterparts. Has anyone had any luck getting those cards through trading circles, auction sites or other avenues?

Man, this was a great set. It's too bad 1994 was such a crappy time to be a Cardinals fan.

I'm not even sure this was on my want list, but I know I didn't have it in my Ozzie collection. Somehow I missed it. This is a Vintage Legends insert from the 2010 Topps set, which attempts to imagine a young Wizard playing instead in 1970.

Go crazy, folks!

I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in California there is a warehouse full of cut up Scott Rolen jersey chunks. I like Rolen cards, though.

This is a really nice card. It's a little smaller than a regular card, like the rest of the Cracker Jack sets. It makes me wonder if there are other cards like this from players I like to collect that I need to go after.

Thorzul's ultimate CC Sabathia-as-a-Brewer collection makes me wonder if there are any Smoltz-as-a-Cardinal collectors out there. The list of those cards might be a bit short, though.

I really, really need to go through my Lineage Cardinals cards and figure out what I'm missing. I probably have 5 team sets by now. Yikes. I know I don't have this shiny Wainwright, though.

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