Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Repacks: The Long Con

It's been awhile since I've been tempted by a repack. I usually avoid these jumbo packs like the plague, but I always find myself reading some person on some blog saying that they had fun with these and they got blah blah cards. You guys make it seem like it's a fun day at the waterpark to open one of these things. You always find stuff for your collections.

I'm not going to show all 100 cards, of course, but I thought I'd show some highlights. A Brook Jacoby 1991 Stadium Club card counts as a highlight, I guess. I've always liked this set and I'm starting to even come around on the 1992 set.

Three "vintage" cards were promised, including this creased Bert Campaneris 1976 card. I was hoping for an airbrushed '70s card at least, but I struck out on that front.

I don't see many cards from this particular Classic set. That doesn't make it rare necessarily, but I'm much more used to seeing other colors/years.

Ahhh, the LSD no-hitter guy.

I'm quite confident I've never seen this design for.

Of course, most of the cards in the pack were early '90s birdcage liner. I guess that makes a 2003 Darin Erstad card stand out a little bit.

I hate the way these 1996 Leaf cards scan, but they don't look much better in person, either.

I don't think Topps Gold cards have aged very well. At the time, I thought they were pretty amazing, though.

Larvell just looks like he's happy to be there.

Aw, I got a sticker. It's weird, because this Mariners logo is almost unrecognizable to me.

This is a little different. Apparently, this is some kind of Limited Edition version of the 2001 Topps set. The card is a bit thicker than the regular base cards from what I can tell.

Reuss was one of the roughest victims of a botched perfect game. He lost his on an error and wound up with a measly no-hitter once upon a time in 1980.

I actually managed to pull two Cal Ripken cards out of this pack. The other one was a 1987 Topps base card.

Wow, I don't even know what this monstrosity is, but it's making my head hurt.

Deadspin had this to say about Barry Zito the other day.

There were just two Cardinals cards in the pack. I didn't need them or their cousins in my Cardinals dupes box.

Sorry, Lee. I hope you make the Hall someday, though.


  1. Meh. Same way I feel when I buy one of those.

  2. I'm really surprised it has a few interesting cards in there. A couple rookies, that crazy looking pacific card, the Topps Gold of an All-star, and the vintage Blanks card. Kinda fun.


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