Monday, November 26, 2012

All Trade Posts, All the Time

Late last month I finished up a quick trade with All Trade Bait, All the Time. I sent over some stuff from my Up For Grabs series of posts (check the sidebar) and got some nice player and team needs in return.

Apparently this is the slightly more difficult sepia tone version of the base card. I prefer my serial numbers to be on the back in an inconspicuous place, but that's just me.

Yes! Mid '90s Ozzie Smith insert! More, please!

This one isn't an insert, but it's a card I needed for my Ozzie binder nonetheless. It's more fun to get cards of the dude from when he was still an active player.

Finally, there's a rookie Tulo card. I really need to get cracking on Zistle so Erin's player collections can get their proper due. Well, and mine, too. Someday. Maybe 2015.


  1. Email me.

    I know I can knock out a BUNCH of the Walkers, Tulos, and Hollidays for her.


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