Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sampler Platter

Oregon has won the Civil War game, which means I have earned the right to live in this great state for another year. It also means I can relax and write about baseball cards again. I swapped cards (well, my end of the swap is still getting packaged up unfortunately) with Nomo's Sushi Platter. As you'll see, I got a little bit of everything sent my way.

When I first heard of and saw them, I thought that refractors were the most hilarious thing ever. Now that I've gotten my hand on a bunch for myself, though, I can see the attraction. They tend to make regular Chrome cards look pretty unremarkable.

Zack Cox has had a disappointing minor league career so far. The Cardinals dealt him to the Marlins midseason for Edward Mujica and Cox found himself going down a level of play, back to AA ball.

I'd love to see Topps bring back these cards. They have a simple design that I really enjoy, like you're looking at a picture frame or something.

In addition to a nice grouping of Cardinals cards, I also was able to fill some Allen & Ginter needs. This is my first Giants of the Deep mini card.

I never really knew that Tasmanian Devils were kind of... cute. Blame my Looney Tunes influenced childhood, I suppose.

My 2011 Heritage set is one card closer to completion thanks to the short printed Bob Geren card.

And last but certainly not least, a bunch of 2012 Heritage cards were to be had, including this short printed James Shields. I just bought a hobby box of this stuff, so I should have some major updates to my list soon.

Go Ducks! Hopefully UCLA can pull this game out so the Ducks will play again next week for the conference championship. If not, it's off to bowl season (and the annual Cards on Cards pick 'em contest!)

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  1. Glad to see that you enjoyed what I sent you. No rush on a return package. Thanks!


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