Monday, November 12, 2012

Whither Brian Fuentes?

Jason from Hobbs' Knights (which I'm not sure is being updated any longer) took an interest in a Cal Ripken/Tony Gwynn UD Masterpieces card that I posted last month and proposed a trade that netted me a new jersey card for my collection. But for starters, a few base cards were tossed my way, mostly from the relatively new Topps Update set. Brian Fuentes pitched all of 5 innings last season with the Cardinals as a late season acquisition before permanently leaving the team for "personal reasons". He was last spotted at some sort of autograph signing in California, apparently.

Rafael Furcal has a Cardinals contract that extends through next season, though it remains unclear how much the team will be able to rely on him. He had a hot start to 2012 which found him on the All-Star team.

I think this is my first card of Scrabble as a Cardinal. He was an integral part of the bullpen during last year's miraculous run, but this season proved to be disappointing more often than not.

Here's the big payoff - a Ryan Ludwick All-Star jersey card to add to my collection. Ludwick had a huge year for the Reds this season, by far his best season since becoming an All-Star in 2008.


  1. Topps should have just said they didn't feel like making a Fuentes card this year, just like Fuentes didn't feel like pitching this year.

  2. As an Angel fan, my only memory of Fuentes can be summed up as "gasoline on a fire".


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