Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

Joe Average Card Collector is a Rockies fan living in St. Louis and I am a Cardinals fan living, well, west of the Rockies. So it only made sense that Joe (okay, his name's not Joe - I'll just call him JACC) would send me some Rockies cards, right? Well, some of the more astute blog readers would know that my girlfriend is a Troy Tulowitzki and Larry Walker collector, among other players both Cardinal-related and not so much. She's been smart enough to pair down her collection to just a handful of players, plus cards with interesting photos and assorted Cardinals cards (of course.) I always encourage people to trade me cards for her collecting interest as I frequently trade off cards that came from her own personal collection in my wheelings and/or dealings.

This is a classic example of a poor scan. This card is actually reduced to looking like one of those crappy early '90s magazine inserts, like Ballstreet. Does anyone remember those things? 1991 was quite a lawless time, what with the streets flowing freely with stacks of unlicensed cards of Sexy Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan attempting to hit baseballs before he told people he wasn't joking and he really wanted to hit baseballs, and bootleg Simpsons t-shirts.

JACC (see, it just rolls off the tongue!) also sent a trio of Larry Walker rookies in his pre-Rockies gear. I'm not sure what this goofy red-white-and-blue team is supposed to be. Surely this wasn't a major league squad, was it?

In retrospect, Upper Deck First Edition cards weren't the worst thing in the world. They were cheap and promised shiny inserts... which also happened to be cheap.

Spectrum is best known nowadays as that Set That People Buy Because It's Dirt Cheap And Promises You A Jersey Card (That's Most Likely Embedded With Something That Some Dude Bought At Just Sports In The Mall And Chopped Up When He Was Bored.) Just rolls off the tongue...

Oh my, I don't even really understand the new incarnation of Triple Play. This is apparently a sticker of some sort, though it's magazine paper thin. Erin is a big fan of this stuff, though, and before long her want list for this set should be appearing on this blog.

Thanks again to Joe Average Card Collector and anyone who has ever sent Erin's cards. (P.S. - Her favorite player is Yadier Molina.)

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  1. My wife has her favs and it is cool when I pick up some of hers, so I figured I would send a few her way for you! Glad you/she enjoyed!


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