Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Night Miscellany

Sure, it's November, but I'm still working on my Allen & Ginter set. Well, there's a lot of sets that I'm working on, to be perfectly honest. I received a few cards of the good stuff (A&G) from waxcaptain's Dugout a couple of weeks ago, which just goes to show that I'm a little behind on trading and blogging. I don't think I formally addressed how I feel about the whole Triple Crown thing. The gist of it is, I think it's pretty cool. I'm just not much of a Miguel Cabrera fan, but I'm glad someone did it. (At least, someone that's not Barry Bonds or something.)

Here's a non-baseball subject. I hope the old red-white-and-blue basketballs never completely disappear. They're fun. Fun like behind-the-back-alley-oops and spinning the ball on the tip of your finger.

Verlander has had a spotty playoff record, but I have a feeling he will be fine. Detroit just ran into a buzzsaw this year. I can't even really explain how the Giants did what they did.

I thought I'd sneak in a little Listia win while you weren't paying attention. Ha! I don't often get a chance to purchase Pacific cards, let alone serial numbered Pacific cards of guys in Cardinal uniforms. In fact, you could even say that I didn't purchase it at all. It was free, thanks to Listia.

I hope you enjoyed that little commercial break. Meanwhile, there's the matter of this Ozzie Smith 2002 Sweet Spot jersey card that Erin gave me for my birthday (Halloween, guys.) It's a pretty ridiculously awesome card, but I am not sure where the swatch is supposed to be from. I think it's Padres brown, but there's no mention of them anywhere on the card.

Oh, Richard P. McWilliam, can I dare believe you? Anyway, it's a pretty awesome card no matter where its origins may lie. If anyone out there is completely throwing a tantrum over relic cards, you can always send them to me. I'll take them all. You know where I live.


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  1. It was a pleasure trading with you. I have more of A&G that you need, my want list should be up soon.


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