Thursday, February 7, 2013


Last month, I splurged and bought a couple of cheap Topps Archives blasters. Stealing Home from All Trade Bait All The Time was one of the first to respond with a request for some of the inserts, and I was happy to oblige and receive some cards in return.

I snagged a few more Matt Holliday cards, which should come as no surprise to anyone following the blog. He's on both Erin and my hit lists, so he's occasionally needed in triplicate around here. Someday I'm probably going to need a separate room for these stupid cards that I have.

One thing that I really miss about the Topps Gold parallels is the little "XX YEARS OF COLLECTING" stamp on each card. They dropped it last year when they dumped all of the goldies into Topps Update, and it apparently continues to be absent in this year's set. Combine it with the shoddy serial numbering that they use now, and these cards just don't feel as special as they did in 2008.

Oh, hi, Braden Looper! Milwaukee misses you.

1 comment:

Stealing Home said...

I'm glad the cards can go toward fluffing out multiple collections.
Until the next trade, thanks buddy!