Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Witty Title Mentioning Group Breaks and a Possible Pun

Joe Average Collector is holding another monthly group break, and this one still has plenty of teams left. Go check it out! While they're gearing up for the March group break, I thought I'd show off a few cards I received way back in the January group break. First up to bat is a confusing Jose Rodriguez serial numbered card. There wasn't much of a Future to Watch from Rodriguez. The back of the card mentions that he plays for Minnesota, but they left him as a Cardinal in every other way.

The design of this card is very non-Upper Deck-like. At first, I thought it was actually a base design that I wasn't familiar with, because the card number (594) is so high. I know what the 2002 Upper Deck base design looks like because I've bought a box of it before. Instead, this is from some set called Diamond Connection.

This is more like it. Actually, the strange grey backdrop is a little off-putting. It looks like Rolen just jumped out of another dimension or a creepy fog or something.

J.A.C.C. actually lives in Missouri, which presumably gives him access to a lot of Cardinals regional issues that I rarely get to see way out west in my neck of the woods. This works out well for me, and a little blogger/trader generosity netted me a few extra goodies in this package. Pacific actually produced this cool little McDonalds set that paid tribute to the Cardinals 100th Anniversary.

Hey, it's Young Albert Pujols. The "true age" doubters out there probably completely forgot that Pujols used to look like this once upon a time.

I also received a few Blazers cards, which I suspected might start happening a little more often now that I have been chucking basketball cards all over the country in recent days. It's been awhile since we've checked in on Bonzi Wells (yes, Topps used Photoshop even in the '90s, they just did it even more poorly.)

Wow, man. I don't even know what to say. I don't know if it's more surprising that Shawn Kemp is still somewhere, doing something basketball related (even if it's for charity) or that somewhere, on the internet, Bonzi Wells is having a blast.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, I actually have a few cool surprises for this next box for regional items.


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