Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grubbin' on Heritage

As my New Year's plan on cleaning up extends well into its second month, I've arrived at a larger package that I received from Grubby Glove last month. While taking care of a bunch of pesky Heritage needs, I was able to send off some Triple Play cards and extra Giants goodies.

I like the Then & Now cards for the most part, but I think I've seen this same Jose Bautista pose crop up on at least a dozen cards. I wonder if the bloom is off of Bautista or if he has another massive power year up his sleeve somehow. Somehow!

Robbie Cano is looking like he just leveled up in a video game here. This doesn't exactly look like 1963 to me.

I was mentioning the other day about how strange it was that every other Pope for the last six hundred years has died while poping. I was then told that "poping" is not a word. I disagree.

Along with the set needs, a few Cardinals goodies were tossed in as well. This is one of the sets that really needs to make it to my Cardinals want list.

Can't we just have healthy Carp back? How many ribs does one man have to lose? Argh!

Thanks again to Grubby Glove for the trade! My 2012 Heritage binder is looking better by the day.

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