Thursday, February 7, 2013

Up For Grabs: Bench and Fingers

The next two players up for grabs in my attempt to downsize didn't occupy more than a page apiece, so I thought I'd put them both on offer in the same post. As always, the list of cards available follows at the end of the post.

Johnny Bench was little more than a TV star by the time I was aware of him. He was the star of The Baseball Bunch when I was a kid, which would probably be amazing to watch today. I should hit up YouTube on my next free rainy afternoon.

(You can have this weird 1981 Donruss card that it looks like someone wrote on! Awesome...?)

Rollie Fingers was in my binder because... well... let's face it. It's the 'stache. It was always the 'stache.

Even Goose Gossage went sans facial hair on this League Leaders card because he knew that anything he put on his face would be shamed in comparison to Rollie.

The list:

Johnny Bench
1981 Donruss #62 [2 available]
1981 Fleer #196
1987 K-Mart #12
1990 Topps (Turn Back the Clock) #664 [2 available]
2010 Topps (Reds Franchise Leaders w/ Tony Perez) #415

Rollie Fingers
1979 Topps (Leading Fireman w/ Rich Gossage) #8 [2 available]
1981 Donruss #2
1982 Fleer #141
1982 Fleer (Most Saves 1981 A.L.) #644
1985 Topps #750
1986 Donruss #229

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