Monday, February 18, 2013

Up For Grabs: 2013 Topps Blaster Remnants

To make a long story short, I finally made it out to Target for the first time in a month or so on Saturday. They had 2013 Topps cards. They had just one blaster on the shelf, and for the first time in a couple of years, I bought a Topps base set blaster. Curse those stupid parallels and inserts. So here's the deal: everything in this post is up for grabs. I am not listing the base cards or the two Cardinals cards I pulled (you can have them as I have the entire Cardinals base team set in triplicate by now.) I also am not showing off the single card that I'm keeping: a Tim Lincecum red parallel that goes to Erin.

I'll skip the suspense and go right ahead to the manupatch. Pedoria's not a bad pull, but I was hoping for one of the rookie card patches because I don't quite understand what they look like. I really want that Ozzie Smith one, badly. Ideally, I'd like to swap this for another similar Cardinals (or Ozzie) card, but I'm open to hearing any offers you throw at me.

I'm not attached to these minis or anything to do with Bryce Harper. They look nice enough, but I mostly only get nostalgic for '80s stuff and I am not really in awe of anything from the '70s at this point in my life. Let's face it, though. I will still probably be collecting Heritage cards by the time they are saluting the '70s, assuming we haven't all been destroyed by robot dogs or something.

There needs to be more Mariners fans in the world. Too few people appreciate what King Felix does on the mound. He's like Roy Halladay if Halladay never left Toronto.

Color clash.

I guess I don't like these inserts after all. I like the rainbowy ones a little bit better, but not that much better.

Clemente looks nice on just about any card. Maybe Atlanta just makes me grumpy or something.

These do nothing for me. They look like they belong in the Opening Day set, or maybe Topps Town circa 2009.

The Calling Card inserts just make me nostalgic for Diamond Kings.

Or, rather, they make me wish I could afford a box of mid-2000s Diamond Kings.

These are amazing.

Both my Bedazzled Gemerald parallels were rookies that I've never heard of.

This guy.

I'll list out the red parallels that I pulled that are available. I flagged a few of them for people already, so here are the rest:

33 - Cliff Lee
59 - John Axford
25 - Mark Teixeira
107 - Joe Mauer
257 - Mike Minor
62 - Tommy Hunter
218 - Ben Zobrist
328 - Jayson Werth
48 - Ryan Cook
128 - Buster Posey
267 - Jason Kipnis
222 - Jason Heyward
118 - Daisuke Matsuzaka
134 - Jake Arrieta
147 - Ivan Nova


  1. I could use the Harper and Hernandez minis and the Red Mauer. I'll let you know what I got for ya!

  2. I have Edward Mujica, Brian Fuentes, Daniel Descalso and Jake Westbrook blue parallels if you need them.

  3. I could use that Chipper Chasing History if no one has grabbed it....!

  4. That Ted Williams is awesome. Unfortunately, I cobbled together all I could find from your want lists last time I wanted something you were offering. I have the 85 Fleer Saberhagen and Hershiser still though....

  5. Be interested in the left over mini's and chasing history.

    I'll check your lists.

  6. is that Pedroia patch card still kicking around?


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