Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feeling Complete

I'm starting to catch up with my trade posts to the point where I'm posting stuff where I haven't even sent the return package yet. While that might sound good, it's really not - considering that I've been sitting on this package for more than a month. Oops. Fortunately, my envelope full of cards for It's Like Having My Own Card Shop just got packed up and is ready to mail out tomorrow.

In exchange for some Griffey cards to restart his collection (and some super secret Diamondbacks cards we won't tell anyone about), I received a bunch of cards from players on my player collection lists. And more! Because there's always more. This Moonshots card is cool, and looks like it might have partly inspired the recent Stadium Lights inserts from Topps Opening Day. I already had the jersey version of this but I was lacking the regular insert.

I'll never get sick of framed cards. Not now, not ever. Oh Upper Deck, why did you have to be so shady and shoddy and lose your license?

See! Lost your license, you did. Pay no attention to that weird snakey thing on this baseball player that may or may not be an interlocking S, T and L.

Yadi is Erin's favorite current player, so I can't let her not have this card. This is one of those hard to find Target Walmart-only variations. Now I just need two of my own.

Well, Pujols isn't on my favorite players list at all, but his Cardinals cards are still appreciated here. If Upper Deck still had a license, I'd be pining for a new Upper Deck Xponential set. Just forget about the, uh, base cards.

I don't get this set at all, but I see the shiny serial numbers and I just drool. Just kidding. I've never drooled over a piece of cardboard. A cardboard box of mac & cheese, maybe, but not baseball cards.

I also picked up a few 1985 Fleer needs. But this isn't regular, boring old regular 1985 Fleer. This is Fleer Update Fleer. This set used to be untouchable in my youth but is probably fairly cheap these days.

Jack Clark. So serious.

John Tudor had some of the most brilliant and totally under appreciated (nationally, anyway) pitching seasons of anyone in my lifetime. When he was on, he was ridiculous and yet hardly a fireballer.

Finally, here's the last piece of the 1993 Upper Deck puzzle that I needed. I have no idea why I needed this card, but as soon as I learned it (and another "SP") existed, I needed to have it. Now I do. And now you know.


  1. Any post that ends with a Nolan Ryan card is alright with me.

  2. Funny you mention getting a package from the Phoenix area because I just received your package here in the Phoenix area. Gotta say, I didn't see that truck coming. If I wasn't so lazy I would post it so everyone would know what I was talking about.

  3. Glad you liked the cards! IO got your HUGE package yesterday and am thrilled! Posts coming soon! Thanks again for the trade!


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