Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Lowbrow Group Break

Claim a team starting Friday. It won't cost much.

In a weaker moment the other night I bought a deeply discounted box of 2014 Topps Mini from the Topps website. When I came to my senses, I remembered that I'm not really a set collector (aside from Ginter and Heritage) and won't have anything to do with 95% of what comes out of the box I spent hard earned cash on. If you're a team collector like me, however, you might want these cards for your collection even though they're about the laziest gimmick ever conceived.

That's where you come in. Starting Friday, when I open this group break up for all comers, you can claim a team and get some cards. I won't even charge you if you make a good faith effort at sending me a couple of things (or more) from my want list. These cards could be from my Cardinals want lists or my set want lists. And if you don't have anything to send me or don't feel like going through your dusty old closet for that pesky old Jamie Quirk card that is glued to Dane Iorg for some weird reason, you can send me some cash. It will be $4 per team in a luxuriously used padded envelope or $2.50 per team in some tighty whitey envelopes.

This is an online-only product and each box purports to contain 24 packs with 10 cards in each pack. Someone allegedly will receive a relic or autograph. There are some serial numbered parallels to be had, but not enough to go around for the whole class. Also, several teams likely have a disproportionate number of cards compared to other fatter cats. If you're concerned about any of this, please do your research before you consider sending me cards or money.

Also, the Cardinals are off limits for obvious reasons, though I will freely PWE anyone any dupes I end up with if such a thing happens for zero dollars or goods exchanged.

Here are two big things to remember right now:

1. No one can claim a team until I say so, and I'm saying so at NOON PST Friday 12/5.
2. No team can be considered claimed until a comment is left on the group break entry post (not this one, the one I post on Friday) AND an email is sent to me containing your mailing address. Payment does not need to be received or determined in order to have claimed a team.

Feel free to leave a comment here telling me how excited you are about this, but I am going to feel sad if you do such a thing and then get beaten out by TigersFan1331 once this thing gets going for real.


  1. Nice idea. I want in!

  2. Very nice! I love the low brow breaks!

  3. Awesome idea! Thanks for your generosity.

  4. Now if only I can remember what time that translates to in EST and that I remember to claim my team tomorrow.


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