Monday, December 1, 2014

This Hit the Spot

A buck a pack for something Sweet.

I picked up some 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot packs off the floor (literally) at a show I attended awhile back and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I posted the first pack over at APTBNL awhile back and I thought I'd share the rest here. This is pack two of some guys you probably haven't thought about in awhile.

40 - Jorge Posada - There wasn't a Jorge Posada Farewell Tour like they did for Rivera and Jeter after him, but I do find it a little suspicious that the key members of those big shot Yankees teams all retired in separate years.

66 - Jeff Kent - Fun fact that I learned after I returned collecting: for the first half of last decade, there was a Jeff Kent card seeded in every other pack.

MM-TI - Tadahito Iguchi Majestic Materials - This isn't numbered like the Andruw Jones card that I pulled, but it makes two of these old-fangled jersey cards in two packs.

56 - Mike Sweeney - Mike was the better of the generically named Sweeneys of this era.

I might post more at some point.

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