Saturday, December 20, 2014

More Sweet Spot

I'm trapped inside with sports on the TV as Noah's Ark is being assembled outside my door.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm not off to a tremendous start in the whole bowl pick 'em thing. While I continue to wait for the group break box to arrive (now scheduled for Monday), here's another pack break.

58 - Tim Hudson - Hudson was an All-Star in his age 38 season and is under contract for another season with the Giants, which is pretty remarkable. I think he will deserve some Hall of Fame consideration when all is said and done. Are they ever going to take that 300 win barrier thing and set it on fire?

77 - Roy Oswalt - Oswalt was quite good for a time, but he peaked early.

ST-BC - Bartolo Colon Sweet Threads - Some pitchers, like Bartolo Colon, just can't be explained easily.

22 - Derek Lowe - And now we make it a tidy 4-for-4 on the pitchers front, with Lowe, a guy that existed.

No Jeters were harmed in the break of this pack.

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