Saturday, December 27, 2014

There Are No Small Envelopes

...only small pictures of people inside of envelopes.

Hello. I everyone reading this had a lovely Christmas (or Thursday the 25th) and is enjoying what is typically known as the holiday season. I surely am. Tonight, I present to you some images of some cards from Cards from the Quarry, who signed up for my group break this month.

As an avid Rockies collector, hiflew surely has Todd Helton cards to spare. I think everyone does, but Rockies fans quadruple-y so. Fortunately, some of those extras can fill others' set needs, and I have a lot of needs. Here's another short print to check off the list, a list so long that it would probably wrap itself all around my home if I were to write it down on paper.

I never step inside the evil store with the blue parallels, so I'm happy to get these blue versions of Cardinals. John Lackey is not among my favorite Cardinals players, but if he can contribute something in the back end of the rotation next year I am certainly open to reevaluating my position.

Finally, here's a guy I really wish had been elected to the Hall of Fame earlier when competition was a bit lighter. Right now, there are far too many serious candidates for Lee Arthur Smith to get much of a look.

Thanks again to Cards from the Quarry, whose ongoing "Quarry Unlimited" project is worth checking out if you want to see what players from your favorite team last season would look on a classic baseball card design.

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