Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bad News, Everyone!

People are jerks.

My deepest apologies are in order. I didn't receive any mail for almost an entire week. Getting nothing in my mailbox in a single day is pretty unusual, so this extended break from getting things was super alarming. The good news is... nothing. Inquiries to FedEx (who initiated the delivery of the group break box) and the gargantuan USPS (who supposedly completed the delivery for some weird reason) went completely ignored, and after my mail was apparently stolen pretty much every day for a solid week, I decided I hate baseball cards.

I also hate package delivery companies. And jerks.

Now that I'm out thirty dollars or whatever (not a big deal in the grand scheme of life),  I have decided to order another 2014 Topps Mini box since they are still on sale. Another order has been placed and the box is set to be delivered, hopefully more reliably, to my work address. I will do my best to get the cards distributed as quickly as possible. This is a temporary solution. I'm caving in and am in the process of ordering a PO Box so I can actually get mail without worry, I guess.

If you were planning on sending me something and haven't done it yet, please hold on until I can provide you a new address to send to. If you did send me something recently, well, please cross your fingers and think positive thoughts so we can both hope I get whatever you sent as intended.


  1. With how crappy my mail delivery has been for the past 6 months (hell - yesterday the mailman pulled up to my mailbox after 6pm), I wouldn't throw up your hands in disgust. With luck, everything will show up just fine.

  2. Stealing mail? Is there anything more low? (OK, a couple things, but not much).

    I'll hold on to hear about the new address before anything goes out.

  3. That's awful. Who steals mail? I hope the cards I sent you earlier this week get to you at some point.

  4. i'll be waiting for instructions.

    zakwin's right. people suck.

  5. Ugh, I hope your missing mail can be recovered. I don't think I'll be able to replace the quality level of the cards in the mailer I sent out last weekend.

  6. That's terrible. Who would do that other than a complete idiot?

  7. That's a bummer. I sent you something that USPS says was delivered on Thursday 12/11. I'll shoot you the tracking number if that'll help you or your post office figure out what's up.

    Hope that gets resolved. Not cool.

  8. Had the same thing happen to me. Sorry to hear about your issues.

  9. I have almost all of my hobby goodies sent to my work. I hate the idea of having a package just sitting on my front porch when I'm not there.


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