Monday, May 25, 2009

Beavers Pics

I had long circled the Portland Beavers once-every-other-year four game homestand against the Memphis Redbirds on my calendar (you know, the one in my head) and had planned on going to the game today as well as one other game. I ended up passing on the game, however, because it was a beautiful day in Portland and I was invited to play softball. Several hours and sunburns later, I'm confident I made the right choice. Since I'm too tired to scan any baseball cards for a proper blog post, I thought I'd show some of the pictures from the last Beavers game I attended, back on Mother's Day.

Here's John Lackey, rehabbing with the Salt Lake Bees. He's wondering how he ended up here in Portland. His next outing would be with the Angels, lasting all of two pitches.

Here's Will Venable and his high socks. He went 1 for 4.

Kyle Blanks is huge. Really huge. In this picture, he's only kinda huge.

Walter Silva was the Beavers starter, but he didn't stay in the game long enough to be eligible for the win even though he only allowed one hit.

Here's more John Lackey. This photo is awkward enough to be used on a baseball card. I won't claim rights or anything like that.

A better shot of Lackey, if only the stupid net wasn't in my way.

Bored pitchers in the Beavers bullpen, sponsored by Franz.

Here's our cheesy hand-operated scoreboard. I always like taking pictures of it for some reason. The Beavers went on to beat Lackey and the Bees 3-2. I don't understand how a team can change their nickname three times but essentially have the same mascot.

I have no idea why Family Ties was on the scoreboard in right field between innings.

In all seriousness, I've been busy working on trades quite a bit. I'll fire up the scanner soon as I've received several packages in recent days that I want to show off.


  1. Holy smokes, that picture of Lackey (that you commented on being a future baseball card) is awesome. You best claim rights on that one.

    Looks like you and your mama had good seats -- or did you zoom extra well?

    I have some pictures of the scoreboard ... somewhere. I kept trying to get the max going by at the same time. You surely recall that. Remember where they are? Because ... I don't.

    Last thing -- I can't believe you didn't wear sunscreen. (But I know why you didn't. Eww, it's greasy... and of course, I know you don't even own any. Tsk.)

    You are missed.

  2. I went yesterday and watched the Beavers try and fail to give the game to Memphis. Thanks for the package last week, helped fill in some holes. I am going to the game tomorrow also. 11 AM start time

  3. We did have pretty decent seats, but I was using a lot of zoom as well.

    Rod - glad you liked the cards!

  4. Great photos, I love pictures of minor league games.


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