Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Penny Cards

I made it out to the monthly card show a couple of weeks ago and wasn't really as prepared as I should have been. I came armed with page after page of want lists, but I barely made it past the first table in the mall that holds this thing. I've seen plenty of nickel-per-card and dime-per-card boxes on tables that these guys set up, but I wasn't prepared to go through box after box of 1 cent cards.

1 cent Diamond Kings? That's a bargain.

Cards from vintage-tribute sets for a penny? I bought four.

A classy card of a Hall of Famer and my personal all-time favorite? Definitely worth one cent.

This Joe Torre card isn't from the 2008 Timeline set. It's from the set that some of the cards were modeled after. I honestly had no idea that Upper Deck ever made cards this flimsy, though.

I really like this card, even though it's of a guy that never made an impact on the organization. The foil logo in the background looks pretty nice.

My first Cardinal cards of a couple of successful relievers that made Cardinals cameos late in their careers also only cost me a penny. Here's "The Cowboy"...

... and Kent Mercker. Is he retired now? It seems like he was around forever.

This is where it starts to get weird. Apparently you could redeem this card for 9 other cards.

It reminds me of the only redemption I ever went for, which was a Shaquille O'Neal Upper Deck rookie card exchange. It annoyed me, because the card I received was not exactly in mint condition and I'm pretty sure it arrived in a plain white envelope.

Action Packed! Can you believe that someone would actually sell this card for one cent? And here I thought Action Packed only made football cards.

I did grab a handful of 10 cent cards, too. Mark McGwire always seems to be above mere common status, even if everyone hates him.


(Seriously, I don't understand this card.)


night owl said...

Those Why3K cards confuse the heck out of me. I don't know what to make of those.

Those are some great cards for a penny each. I still plan to go to a card show and just get cards from those boxes. You beat me to it.

Erin said...

How come when we went there wasn't 1 cent boxes? I didn't even get to go through everything there cuz you were getting tired.. heh.

madding said...

I wish there was always 1 cent boxes. I should have added that I only got to spend about an hour or so looking through the boxes because there was other stuff going on.

If the 1 cent card guy is there next time I'll probably spend hours there. Yikes.

Brian said...

I love the polo collar on the diamond king. Was that some sort of warmup back then?