Sunday, May 31, 2009

What Not to Buy

Thrilled by the idea of getting a box of cards for $5, I pounced on 2007 Upper Deck Series 2 blaster with much regret. I knew going in that there's a ton of Cardinals I still haven't picked up from this set and I was hoping to get at least one or two. There's only "30 Cards Inside!" and I'm not exactly sure why the packaging is so boastful of that fact. Instead of showing off the best cards as I'm normally apt to do, I'm going to switch it up this time and show you the worst cards in each pack. Enjoy?

Pack 1:
634 - Eric Milton (I had forgotten about Milton's existence, but he's keeping the Dodgers rotation together with scotch tape and pre-chewed gum.)
741 - Odalis Perez (Albert Pujols's favorite punching bag.)
711 - Matt Lindstrom (RC) ("Rookie card" of the Marlins somewhat-inept closer.)
572 - Brian Roberts Team Checklist

564 - Chris Gomez (Is this the only time UD's photographers could find Gomez on a baseball field? I'm guessing the guy in the helmet is the subject of the photo, but I really don't know for sure.)

Pack 2:
565 - Melvin Mora (Three Orioles in a row.)
666 - LaTroy Hawkins (The erractic Astros fill-in closer.)
535 - Tony Clark
641 - Ken Griffey Jr.

554 - Chris Woodward (I'm guessing they had to drag Woodward into the studio because he never got put into major league games?)

Pack 3:
983 - C.J. Wilson

597 - Juan Mateo (Mateo is so forgettable that I've never even heard of him, despite the fact that the Cards and Cubs meet something like 25 times a season and this set is only two years old.)
607 - Daryle Ward
673 - Todd Helton
981 - Brandon McCarthy
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Pack 4:
919 - Matt Morris

1009 - Micah Bowie (Another studio shot, this of the legendary Micah Bowie. Bowie wasn't really a ballplayer - he just liked to be photographed in a comfortable setting.)
901 - Scott Cassidy
882 - Ryan Howard
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917 - Kevin Correia

Pack 5:

842 - Miguel Cairo (Okay, okay, I'll break from form here. Normally Cairo would be a solid candidate for worst card, but this is a great photo. I love how the ball is just hanging in the air with the seams visible.)
938 - Jose Lopez (My Mariners-loving friend always tries to tell me that Jose Lopez is one of the best shortstops in the league.)
1020 - Nick Johnson Team Checklist (My Nick Johnson streak continues, sort of.)

ROY30 - AL Rookie of the Year Predictors Wild Card Entry (I don't even know what this means! This takes the "worst card" prize, hands down. There isn't even a player on this one.)
841 - Jorge Posada

Pack 6:
776 - Marlon Anderson
864 - Shannon Stewart
824 - Guillermo Mota
611 - Derrek Lee

775 - Mike Lieberthal (Don't you hate it when a guy spends his entire career with one team and then goes off to some other team for one last season? I do.)

No Cardinals in this one. If anyone has an extras from this set, please check my want lists and send me an e-mail.


night owl said...

Need the Lieberthal card.

I've been tempted to buy these just because I need Dodgers from this set. But I hate the thought of having all the other cards in my house. 2007 UD is a terrible set.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with a 1000 card set - you need lots of filler.

Looks like you got most of them!

Right now this set is all over the box stores in my area, I made the mistake a few weeks back of buying some. Yikes.