Friday, May 29, 2009

Greene Watch: Day 47

I've considered retiring this little feature because the speculation surrounding what is wrong with Khalil Greene is just becoming sad. The Cardinals will probably make a decision on him (DL? DFA? Conversion to starting pitcher...?) at some point between now and tonight's 7:00 PDT game against the Giants, if that decision hasn't been made already, because Ryan Ludwick is due to come off the DL. Meanwhile, Tyler Greene got shipped back to Memphis and has become one of my favorite players in the organization for no apparent reason. The above picture is from Wednesday morning's Redbirds/Beavers game. I'll have more from that at a later time.

Again, the whole point of this was not to suggest that the Cardinals made a bad decision (although it certainly looks like that's what happened) but just that there were other options available. Using the fairly ineffective Izturis as a measuring stick, I wasn't sure that Khalil could do much better. I'm not rooting against him - he's a Cardinals and for all I know is not an unlikeable guy.

Cesar Izturis, 2008: 135 G, 414 AB, .263 BA, .628 OPS
Khalil Greene, 2009: 38 G, 105 AB, .200 BA, .582 OPS
Tyler Greene, 2009: 13 G, 38 AB, .263 BA, .800 OPS

Oh, it looks like the decision was already made...

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