Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heritage DIY Blaster

I made three separate purchases of 2009 Topps Heritage recently: 3 packs at Target, another 3 packs from Target and a solitary pack from Toys 'R Us. I decided to combine them all together in one post. Just imagine this is a blaster and it will be a lot more exciting! Actually, I would have ended up with one more pack and spent one fewer dollar if I had bought an actual blaster. Oops.

Pack 1:
125 - Jesus Delgado (RC)
18 - Los Angeles Dodgers (Apparently something unfortunate happened to one of their players recently.)
399 - Young Hill Stars Kazmir / Price / Shields
379 - Michael Young

C2 - Andre Ethier Chrome 1768 / 1960 (I should probably put this in the Night Owl pile, even though he disses the Heritage chrome cards.)

482 - Lance Berkman All-Star (Finally, after my girlfriend had pulled about 20 of these, I get an all-star from this year's Heritage. I hate the design, but I'm starting to think they wouldn't look bad autographed. It's really too bad that I had to get Berkman.)
405 - Robinson Cano
103 - Brad Lidge

Pack 2:
21 - Mike Napoli
3 - Casey Kotchman (The corner of this card looks like it was either charred slightly or soaked in something dark.)
407 - Randy Winn (Actually pictures Randy Winn.)
114 - Alexi Casilla

474 - Josh Willingham (Two SPs in the first two packs.)
417 - Martin Prado
60 - Ramon Hernandez (Hernandez, a catcher by trade, played 1B for the entire series with the Cardinals over the weekend with mixed results.)

131 - Jonathon Niese (RC) (I just added this guy to one of my fantasy teams recently. Is he any good? Baseball Prospectus doesn't seem to hate him.)

Pack 3:
126 - Alfredo Simon (RC) (No idea who he is.)
160 - Rival All-Stars Wright & Wrong Rodriguez

38 - Justin Duchscherer (I just scanned this because his huge name looked funny in this design. I guess I haven't seen if Jarrod Saltymacadamia has a card in this set or not.)
56 - Hunter Pence
385 - Utley Steals Second 2008 World Series (This card is neatly documented here.)
332 - David Ortiz (Ortiz did steroids because he can't hit HRs anymore. That's where we've arrived as baseball fans, I guess. To be honest, I'm so irritated by The Steroids Issue that I couldn't find it in myself to do a proper post yesterday even though I had plenty of time on my hands. It makes me not want to read most blogs anymore.)
156 - Salomon Torres (He retired quite awhile ago, but at least he's not Curt Schilling.)
378 - J.J. Hardy

Pack 4:
361 - Gerald Laird
94 - Yovani Gallardo (He's on the short list of non-Cardinals pitchers that I wish were Cardinals.)
200 - Ken Griffey Jr.
399 - Young Hill Stars again

466 - Philadelphia Phillies Coaches (Alright! Coaches! Hey, I think that's ex-Portland Beaver and St. Louis Cardinal Milt Thompson up there on the top.)
92 - Jose Guillen
356 - Emmanuel Burriss
303 - Barry Zito (I give Zito credit for one thing. Unlike many of the big contract pitchers of recent years, Zito's arm still appears to be attached to his body and he takes the mound on occasion.)

Pack 5:
224 - John Russell
191 - Jonathan Broxton
38 - Justin Duchscherer (again)
56 - Hunter Pence (again)

NF10 - Polaris Missile News Flashback (This card gives me the icks.)

TME-RH - Ryan Howard Target Mayo (This is actually the reason why I chose packs over a blaster this time, though I found that the Pujols card is supposedly in the Wal-Mart picks and not Target's. That's rather unfortunate, since the Wal-Marts in my area never have Heritage or much in the way of cards at all.)
323 - Geovany Soto (I would show you how incredibly uninterested in life Soto looks, but I didn't feel like scanning any Cubs tonight.)
75 - Ryan Garko

Pack 6:
63 - Carlos Beltran
150 - John Danks
221 - Jim Leyland

133 - Luis Cruz (RC) (I'm trying to figure out this card. Why is there so much space between his first and last name? Who is he? "2nd B."? It looks like someone paid a random guy to pose in a shirt with stripes on it and then made a baseball card out of it.)

NF2 - Bathyscaphe Trieste News Flashback (This one is a little less depressing.)

TME-IS - Ichiro Suzuki Target Mayo (Should anyone be surprised that I got an Ichiro card?)
266 - Ricky Nolasco
102 - Adrian Gonzalez (The Padres are just an Adrian Gonzalez injury away from having a very large young man named Kyle Blanks at their disposal, manning 1st base.)

The Toys 'R Us Pack:

314 - Edgar Renteria (Here's a card that's very Photoshopped and then retro-ified. Renteria's face looks very plastic for some reason.)
226 - Dave Trembley
88 - Russell Martin (The cartoon on the back spells out all 17 of Martin's names, which I don't have the energy to spell out here.)
474 - Josh Willingham (Ugh, a double SP. Maybe I can swap with someone.)

390 - Scrambling After Ball 2008 World Series (I know I watched some of last year's Series, but, uh... can someone explain this card for me?)
106 - David Eckstein
186 - Joel Zumaya
280 - Tim Wakefield (I keep waiting for Wakefield's career to completely fall apart and I'm still waiting.)


night owl said...

Yeah, Heritage chrome cards don't make sense to me, but like every team collector, I'm foolish enough to want Dodgers anyway.

I have a card package bundled up for you. I just can't get to the post office lately. Hopefully soon.

Slette said...

Do the Toys R Us packs have any Mayo cards available in them? Is Toys R Us owned by Target in some strange way?

Erin said...
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Erin said...

I can trade doubles with you. I have doubles of Mayo cards ... Want an A-Rod? Bleh.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I would be willing to trade you 2009 Topps Turkey Reds:

TR 3 Jimmy Foxx, TR 17 Connor Jackson, TR 40 Kos-Fu and TR 41 Cole Hamels for

466 Phillies Coaches, 474 Josh Willingham, 482 Lance Berkman AS and Ryan Howard Mayo.

Let me know what you think

email: jeffwolfe2001@yahoo.com

madding said...

Slette: The Toys 'R Us packs do not have Mayo cards in them. They are also packed in weird cardboard hangers. I've seen stuff like that at K-Mart, too.

Erin: I haven't decided if I'm going to collect the Mayo inserts yet, but since you have doubles I may as well see if I can. They don't really feel like they're part of the Heritage set for some reason, but they're not bad. I just wish there wasn't a separate Wal-Mart version.

Jeffrey: Unfortunately I'm collecting this set and I haven't gotten everything together yet. So while the Willingham card is definitely up for trade since I obviously know I have doubles, the rest I'm not sure about at this time.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

No prob, I've completed the short set and have a bunch of doubles. Let me know when you get a want list together and maybe we can work out a trade.