Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why I Still Buy Repacks

I recently mentioned picking up a repack box primarily because it had an Allen & Ginter pack showing on the outside. Even though I am just 11 cards short of completing this set, I couldn't help but grab the box. Here's what was in the pack:

25 - Aramis Ramirez

151 - Orlando Cabrera

244 - Mark Teahen

56 - Nick Johnson Mini Bazooka Back 13/25 (This is so cool. I knew these were limited to 25 copies, but I had completely forgotten that they were hand-numbered. This is my first hand-numbered card I believe. I wouldn't have minded getting someone better than Nick Johnson, but I'm not complaining.)

98 - Kazuo Fukumori (RC)

300 - Ryan Howard

I believe I've picked up 3 jersey cards in repacks and now this. It made me look up 2008 A&G blasters on eBay just to see what they're going for now, and I found some lots of 6 for something like $60. I was really tempted, but I can't afford to spend that much on cards right now. And besides, I do have almost all of the base cards. But it's so tempting to splurge on a set like this. Of course, the 2009 set will be here before I know it.

By the way, I still haven't managed to find any Series 2 anything.

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