Thursday, May 7, 2009

Greene Watch: Day 28

A new Greene has entered the fray!

Brendan Ryan hit the DL after playing some restaurant quality defense for the times that he was used and Khalil hit the non-DL limbo for a stretch (currently that's where Rick Ankiel is at) so Tyler Greene finally got his first call to the majors. It just so happens that he also plays shortstop. Like the much more heralded Colby Rasmus, Tyler was also a 2005 first round draft pick. My first impressions are that he covers more ground than Khalil in the field and has a pretty good arm. The primary questions about T. Greene have been focused on his work at the plate, or lack thereof. Personally, I am more interested in seeing him get ABs this year than Khalil, but with the Cardinals jumping out to an early season lead in the standings, I'm not sure that rookies are always going to get a fair shot at playing time as the season goes on. I picked up this autographed for only a couple of bucks last December with the knowledge that Tyler was on the 40-man roster and hadn't really done anything to play his way out of the organization, but hadn't done much to impress anyone either. I'm feeling pretty good about the card now.

Khalil returned to the starting lineup last night. Let's see where they stand now:

Cesar Izturis, 2008: 135 G, 414 AB, .263 BA, .628 OPS
Khalil Greene, 2009: 24 G, 69 AB, .217 BA, .665 OPS
Tyler Greene, 2009: 4 G, 16 AB, .188 BA, .485 OPS

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