Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cards on Cards 593rd Post Spectacular!

Here's the second of three packages I received over the last month or two from Cardboard Collections. Unlike the other two, this one wasn't from a group break, but it's full of awesome nonetheless.

There was, shockingly, an assortment of Cardinals cards including a couple of ex-Cards 2008 Tristar PROjections (nice name). I believe I have a Colby Rasmus from this set and probably one or two others. I really like getting minor league cards as a nice change of pace. By the way, I have zero cards from the 2010 Topps minor league set. I wish they had put those out at retail, even though no one would have bought them.

There were also some nice additions to the Matt Holliday collection (non-Cardinals version.) I like the 2008 SP Authentic design and I also like the inserts.

Here's a set that I can't claim to like. Sadly, there comes a time in every collector's life when the realization occurs that a card like this is actually needed. Now I have to go and find that stupid "gold" version...

Finally, here's a really nice looking mini from 2009 Goodwin Champions in the brief Holliday A's era. This has a black border, obviously, and has a "Gypsy Queen" back (maybe they all did?)

Thanks again to Colbey. The last of the three packages will be up sometime next week at the latest.

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