Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Momentous Contest and a Pack for Your Troubles

Community Gum was kind enough to promote my Bowl Pick 'em Contest, so I thought I would return the favor and let you all know about the Pack Lottery Contest going on over there. You could win some wacky numbered cards from the 2008 Moments & Milestones set for very little effort, which is always nice.

Onto the pack, which I promised to you for reading my little blog plug post. I grabbed a pack of 2010 Greats of the Game basketball on an impulse buy over at the ol' Dollar Tree when stopping in for some cheap mailing supplies. I was intrigued by reading up on a pack posted at APTBNL which included a college photo of Terry Porter. There were no Porters or ex-Blazers (sort of...) here, but let's see what I got anyway.

71 - Moses Malone (Moses was actually a Blazer, briefly, but never took the court with them. He came to Portland as part of the NBA/ABA merger, but was traded away for a future 1st round pick that became someone named Rick Robey. Disasterous.)

85 - Mateen Cleaves (College star who didn't have a ton of success in the NBA. Apparently they did not have color photography in the late 1990s.)

108 - Bill Cartwright Big Man on Campus (I believe this is a subset card and not an insert. Dollar Tree packs tend to not have inserts.)

80 - David Robinson (There has only been one Admiral of the U.S. Navy in all of history, and it sure isn't David Robinson.)

35 - Oscar Robertson (Oscar Robertson averaged 33.8 PPG in his college career. 33.8!)

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