Friday, December 17, 2010

Contest Reminder!

Just a reminder here... don't forget about the 2nd Annual Card on Cards Bowl Pick 'em Thing. Make your selections soon... you have less than 19 hours before the deadline to enter and pick the first game. There are still plenty of slots open, and we already have a pretty good turnout so far.

A couple more things to keep in mind with this contest:

  • You can change your picks at any time, so long as your pick is made before the official start time (usually the TV broadcast time) of each game.
  • You must make a pick for every game to be eligible for the "worst place" prize. Also, once again this year... please... no tanking it on purpose! The prizes aren't that great, folks. I'd much rather award the prize to someone who failed in spectacular fashion than someone who intentionally went with picks like Arizona over Oklahoma State.
Let's see if anyone can take down the defending champ - Adam of Thoughts and Sox!


BA Benny said...

I'm looking forward to it, I have made my picks already. I usually suck at these college pools so it ought to be interesting.

aj said...

i made my picks. they are prolly awful but i honestly dont know anything about college football. i promise im not tanking on purpose (i might have picked arizona?)

Dan said...

i made my picks, my team is the lamely named "Soup or Bowl".