Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I Do is Winn

I recently received a rainsoaked manila envelope full of baseball cards from Night Owl Cards. This in itself is nothing unusual, of course, but there was a note that came along with it that had me temporarily puzzled. It announced me... imagine that... as the lucky recipient of Night's Owl's prize winnings. I enter the blog contests when time permits, but I didn't recall anything going on recently in the contest realm over at his blog. Night's Owl's contests generally involve at least some sort of firing the synapses of my brain instead of just leaving comments like "First!" and "Cubs Suck!" to gain entry.

I then realized I was going through a period of confusion not unlike what Night Owl experienced when he originally got these cards through a contest that he actually entered. The cards he sent me were actually his prize winnings from another blog, and I just happened to be the lucky Cardinals-loving punk that he could pawn this stuff off on. Fortunately, I do like stuff. I also like Chris Carpenter and Turkey Red cards. (I won't say anything about Mr. Winn. He gave it a solid try this past season.)

If it's not too early to start making lofty New Year's goals, one thing I'd like to do as a collector is add more pre-1979 cards to my collection. There were a few '70s cards in this lot like Al Hrabosky, which is nice.

At least half of the stack were McGwire cards from one of those HR chase mini sets. I have a few of these already, so it's probably time to figure out what I'm missing. I'll state it once again just for those who may not already know, but I love getting Mark McGwire cards. His cards were expensive for so long, and I know he disgusts/disappoints a lot of people, but I have no problem taking on his cards for free or for pennies. That's not to say I will actually shell out any serious coin of my own for Big Mac.
Here's the real excitement of a package that didn't really need any. Envelopes of all shapes and sizes, especially surprise ones, are welcome here. This is the reason I actually remember Night Owl's post in the first place. (Sorry... that's not to say I didn't read the rest of it! I did!) This fun and study bat relic card of Vincent Van Go is from the 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites set. I seriously wish MLB would allow Topps to make sets like this again now that they have the exclusivity deal. If they attempted this now, they'd have to muck it up with about 150 serial-numbered rookies, 145 of which nobody will ever care about.


night owl said...

Happy to win for you. Thank goodness I didn't land the A's.

Anonymous said...

I'd have taken the A's!

Wait, Coleman used a bat? Was it just for show?