Monday, December 13, 2010

Shiny Card Shop Things

It was a dark and rainy Saturday here in Portland, and I ended up using the weather (and exhaustion) as an excuse to sleep in and miss the monthly card show for at least the third month in a row. I would be really into card shows if they were at, say, 7:00 at night and if most of the people there weren't somewhat depressing to be around. I ended up venturing out in the rain instead to a "local" card shop (there really isn't such a thing where I live). I'm not much of a singles buyer, and this place certainly doesn't have the reputation of being cheap, but I did pick up a few nice cards for a total of only $5.00 as well as a bunch of bargain bin packs from 10+ years ago (coming soon to A Pack to Be Named Later I'm sure.)

Here's an older Albert Pujols card from 2003 Bowman's Best. I'm not sure the outlines around his body are necessary. And then there's the glitter... oh, the glitter.

Who knew that 2010 Topps Tribute was so... shiny looking? Actually, I didn't even know that such a set existed until a week or so ago. The background is basically all "refractory" in case you can't tell from the scan. As far as I'm concerned, an Ozzie Smith card is THE card to have in any set, and I am enjoying the fact that they still make his cards on occasion. That's, at least, one notch in the Topps exclusivity column. There are quite a few tallies in the other column, unfortunately.

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  1. You can't go wrong with an early Pujols and a legend like Ozzie.


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